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    Cleaning route: planning
    Color: white rose gold color can be customized
    Size: 29cm*14.8cm*12cm
    Major sales areas: Northeast Asia, Europe, Africa, Southeast Asia, Middle East, South America, North America, Others
    Authorized own brand: Yes
    Clean torque: 25KG/cm2
    Case Type: One-button startup (product with remote control)
    ● automatic 4-Stage Cleaning System
    ● automatic Cleaning Path and Memory
    ● safety System
    ● light Touch Frame Protection
    ● edge Detection Technology
    ● Color: White
    ● Surface Treatment: IMD
    ● Suction: Fan
    ● Auto Cleaning Path: zigzag(Dual Direction)
    ● Back-Up Battery Capacity(mAh): 600
    ● Back-Up Battery Voltage(V): 14.8
    ● Working Voltage(V): 24
    ● Main Unit Rated Power(W): 75
    ● Crossing the gap of the joint glass: Max Width 4mm Max Depth is 8mm
    ● Noise(db): 62
    ● Power Cord : 2.8M/9.19ft
    ● Cleaning Solution(ml): 100
    ● Tether(m): 1.5M/4.92ft
    ● Extension Cord(m): 1.5M/4.92ft
    Automatic 4-Stage Cleaning System
    Trade in your old window cleaning tools, part# has them all, minus the elbow grease! The part# window cleaning robot features a wrap-around microfiber Cleaning Pad and two Squeegees for an efficient 4-Stage Cleaning process:
    1. The front of the wrap-around Cleaning Pad sprayed with Cleaning Solution moistens, loosens and absorbs dirt.
    2. A Squeegee clears dirt from the window.
    3. An additional Squeegee swipes any remaining waterborne dirt.
    4. The back of the Cleaning Pad wipes the window to a dry, spotless shine.
    Automatic Cleaning Path and Memory
    Before it starts cleaning, part# scans the perimeter to detect the shape of the window and automatically adjusts its cleaning path, in order to clean the area in the most efficient way! The window cleaning robot will follow a Z-Shaped Cleaning Path for wide, horizontal windows and a N-Shaped Cleaning Path for tall, vertical windows.
    Safety System
    Ain’t no window high enough that part# can’t reach! By adding the Extension Cord, the Power Cord can reach up to 14.8 ft long, and with the Safety Pod and Tether, cleaning high rise windows is safer than ever!
    If part# main power supply is interrupted, the robot features an on-board back-up battery that takes over until the problem can be resolved.
    Light Touch Frame Protection & Edge Detection Technology
    The double Cushion Bumper, on the upper and lower part of W850, is surrounded by soft material that protects your window frames during cleaning.
    WINBOT 850 is perfectly suitable for frameless windows due to its Ball Sensors, that allow it to intelligently detect the edges of frameless glass and prevent the window cleaning robot from falling.
    Remote Control
    The remote control allows you to conveniently start, pause, and manage the direction of your WINBOT 850 from a distance.
    buy Window Cleaner Robot

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