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    Ben koredson

    <p>I also said that in order to succeed in the field of modern business, you must get to digital marketing. But what I did not say is that digital marketing is a very broad field (not one thing). In fact, digital marketing consists of several elements. So, if you know these elements, you have in fact learned digital marketing.</p>
    <p>In this section, we will explain all the important elements and areas of targeted email marketing to you in a concise and useful way.</p>
    <p>Marketing website</p>
    <p>First, a successful digital marketing strategy starts with a beautiful and optimal website! The first interaction that users have with you is your website. No longer on a website like old businesses, you cannot sell a beautiful, fatty shopper to attract a customer! So, you must make sure that your customer attracts the website.</p>
    <p>Many digital marketing techniques will ultimately lead the user to your website. That is, if a normal user wants to become a clue or a clue to the customer, all this should happen on your website.</p>
    <p>One of the easiest ways to optimize a website to attract customers is to make your site look and feel as simple, attractive and useful as you can. Always keep this golden rule on your ears: beauty is in simplicity. Simply, it does not mean that you do not have any color on your site, but I mean, do not throw your site into an unobtrusive way. Do you know Adobe? Very big company! Photoshop, for example, is the product of this company (that is, in the field of graphics, the global giant). The company has conducted a series of research and concluded that if your website is not attractive, 38% of users will go out, even if your website content is useful!</p>
    <p>So, we ended the website’s overview and we found it very important. But the appearance of the website is not the only criterion. Because if you just focus on the appearance, users will soon notice that your site is just a shell and no brain!</p>
    <p>For this reason, the next major issue in the site is to make it optimally. Is the term ” customer experience ” eaten? We call it User Experience in English and we show it with UX. To tell the very essence, the user experience is, in fact, the same sensation that the user has while working with your website.</p>
    <p>For example, if your website is too slow or complex, and the user cannot easily find what he wants, he will have a bad experience and vice versa (of course, these are only part of the user experience). Do you understand now in addition to the beautiful appearance, you need to optimize the layout of your site so that the user can experience it well and spend more time there.</p>
    <p>Another thing that I want to say to you is the question of reactivity, or responsive. You know that each user enters your website with a device: one with a tablet, one with a phone, and the other with a computer. The size of the display varies from one to the other. If your website is responsive, it will quickly adapt itself to the size of the user page to display the content correctly, but if not, your layout will collapse, and the user will leave the site quickly.</p>
    <p>Since the discussion of CIO is very important, we have prepared a very comprehensive and comprehensive series on this subject in the new era. The garlic and onion in human readable SEO can find in this series in 10 chapters written! If you read a chapter every day, after 10 days you will become a professor for yourself! I’ve provided the first chapter link for you. If you click on it and enter the first chapter, the rest of the chapters will be displayed for you in the following order:</p>
    <p>Remember that new users and customers are usually looking for information before shopping to make their purchases based on it. Where do you get this information from now on? There are lots of sources to find information, but who is better than you? Do you think that the product you want to sell can you better introduce or other people? Yours!</p>
    <p>This is where you need to use content marketing. There are many ways to do this, but the easiest and most effective way is to create a blog. You can do some things in the blog you write:</p>
    <ul style=”margin-top: 0in;”>
    <li style=”tab-stops: list .5in;”>First, you can give customers the right information and even the advertising center. But be careful if you concentrate on ads in these contents rather than information, customers may not trust you much. It’s best to do more with social posts or other ways (like ads on Google).
    <li style=”tab-stops: list .5in;”>Second, if your blog is strong and at the same time attractive, you will grow your own users. what does it mean? After a while, when users visit your blog and find out that they have good information, they will become permanent and permanent readers, which will also become your customer.
    <li style=”tab-stops: list .5in;”>The bottom line is that your blog should have comments. This is always in your favor. Why? First, if your content is good, users will notice this, and this power will be reflected in the comments section. This issue is also visible to your new users! That means you will be greatly trusted by new users without doing anything! Moreover, even if complaints or
    <li style=”tab-stops: list .5in;”>grievances (you’ll find out in the comments section), with a quick and personalized look, will show everyone that your brand is always important to your customer!

    <p>If you are looking for a very attractive and optimal website, and this does not even cost a lot of money, I’d suggest you go to the portal site and see how attractive, optimized and affordable websites are with the lowest traffic.</p>
    <p>Even before you talk about me, you’ve probably heard enough about SEO and you know that without exaggeration, one of the most important criteria is to get a higher ranking and targeted organic traffic on Google and user experience. A large portion of your website’s input (that is, the number of users who enter your website) is from Google. If I want to say an approximate number, at least 50% to 70% of the input of most websites is from search engines (especially Google in USA). So, you see how much the argument of SEO and the grandson is important principles.</p>
    <p>The discussion of the topic (sadly or fortunately) is very detailed and if we want to talk about it, it will not end this article with a single day! But instead I have a better offer for you.</p>

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